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Thought-Based Approach You take each class via the comfort of your own home with a zoom link.

Phoenix Career Development is launching semesters.

STRATEGY SESSION: What is Career Development?

And Career Planning

The Theory of Career Development

1. Career Planning
2. Personality and Authentic Happiness
3. The Hidden Job Market
4. Labour Market Information 
5. Resume / LinkedIn
6. Market Yourself
7. Work Search Basics
8. Interview Techniques
9. Employment Standards
10. Strategies for Success

The Practice of Career Development

The Practice:
100 days to practice getting a job
100 days to practice being an Entrepreneur 

15 weeks in total: 15 Sessions with me
1. Being Uncomfortable
2. Believe in Self( Goals and Dreams)
3. Leadership
4. Conflict
5. The Journey
6. The Success
7. Value/Mission/Purpose
8. Marketing Yourself
9. Success is a mindset
10. Call to Action
11. The Long Play
12. Become a Person of Influence
13. Questions
14. Eat Right Hungry for Success
15. Find the Treasure

Choose your own Adventure Classes

Goal Setting
The Phoenix Moments 
Conflict in the Workplace 
Don't Sell yourself Short 
Star Technique 
Manifestation and Story Boards 
What Do I Want? 
Motif for Life 
Career Development and the Entrepreneur
How to Cold Call

Mission, Vision, Purpose

Services: Services

The Legendary Journey with Phoenix Career Development

Live Your Best Life

The Legendary Journey

This Comes after The Theory and the Practice of Career Development. This is lawless Dream Career Work The Gross in Growth moments/Journey, mentor ship, synergy, and Choose your Own Adventure one-on-one coaching.

5,000 a month. Do you want a mind  blowing life? Do you want to take the soul purpose quest? Come on a journey, your career Development Journey. Choose your own adventure.

5,000.00 6 month course.

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