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A Little Crazy to be An Entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

To: The Qualities of Entrepreneurship…

1. Broken: We see a problem and what to solve it the correct way.

2. Learning: We are open to figuring out life in a new way.

3. Hard Working: No, but really hard working. They spend 24/7 at the beginning thinking about their business and ow to help people. ( I totally get why most fail within the first year)

4. Servant Hearts: This is one of my favorites. The number of cool entrepreneurs (I feel I always spell entrepreneur wrong) I have met because they generally care is mind blowing.

5. Authentic: Every Entrepreneur I have met this is a pet peeve and a stable in the way they do business. Successful people are authentic.

6. Tenacious: Man can they handle rejection.

7. Fun: They know how to play the game of life with excitement and entertainment. They do uncomfortable things on the regular.

8. Growing: They are pushing themselves to break pattern believes and become a new creation, something better. Perhaps a Phoenix

9. Healthy: Sort of! They are trying to live their best lives. They understand diet and exercise. Diet comes before exercise.

10. They have mantras: I am hungry for knowledge. I have a mindset that is highly effective. I live in abundance.

11. They play with gratitude’s everyday.

12. They are Magic

Mike Oleskiw from CVL Engineers Inc. (Entrepreneur | Engineer | Ever Day Normal Guy) added two more to my list in a linkedIn post one day. They will be added as well…

13. Crazy: Slightly delusional, possible a few screws loose.

14. Confident: Cause who else would put themselves out their and risk so much if they weren’t.

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