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Come on a Journey, Your Career Development Journey. Choose your Own Adventure!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Goal Setting: Don't just set goals, set intentions as well

The Phoenix Moments: talks about resiliency

Conflict in the Workplace: Project Management 101- Problem Solving Skills

Don't Sell yourself Short: Negotiations

Mindset: You are your own worst enemy

Star Technique: Situation, Task, Action, Result! Behavioral interview questions

Manifestation and Story Boards: Look, see, touch your dreams

What Do I Want?: The hardest question you can ask yourself

Motif for Life: Stories are remembered 5x more than a boring statistic. Make a great story

Quick Fix: If you need help on any issue of career development

Career Development and the Entrepreneur: So you want to be an entrepreneur

How to Cold Call: How to talk to people. The sales pitch

Interview Prep: Are you ready for your interview? would you like to to be?

Transitions: If you get unemployed where are you pivoting to?

Mission, Vision, Purpose: Do you know Yours?

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