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Learning to Walk

2021 offered me a chance to have one step forward and two steps back. Breaking my ankle while trying to set up Phoenix Career Development was a series of getting my self-autonomy stripped away in order to decide what is really important in my life. Career Development is important, doing one thing a day to move my company forward is important and enjoying life even in trying times and all part of my values in life. We make the road we live. We control our destiny. When we cannot walk we can pivot, crutch, wheel, or even crawl....

One month and no walking and 6 weeks of physiotherapy to learn how to walk have been a quiet journey. Which takes us to today walking again. If you are not paying attention, I look like a normal human being with no problems walking. I am doddleing in life. I enjoy this moment. You must crawl before you walk and before you run you must set the stage to have a solid platform.

This year is almost over. Make the most of the time you have left. Be calculated to create.

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